How much are the classes?

Visit our page Classes & Fees to check the cost of the different cooking classes and tours we offer. Please note that each price is per participant. For a customized class please contact us.

Are there any extra costs for food?

The prices are all inclusive so you don’t have to add extra costs during the lesson for the ingredients. During the market tour, if you want to purchase any additional products for your own disposal, it will be at your charge.

Do you have to tip ?

Tipping is not an obligation in France because the prices includes the taxes. Nevertheless tips are accepted if you enjoyed your time. So it’s really up to you !


How can I pay for the class ?

Payment for the class is made partly on internet through Paypal and partly the day of the class. For the reservation on internet, you can use credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express..) or even use your Paypal account. The day of the class the rest of the payment will be asked to you in cash as we don’t have a specific credit card terminal.

How much must I pay when I book ?

The payment of the whole class fee is not required to validate the reservation. Only half of the amount is necessary to block the date and number of participant. The rest of the payment will be mentioned in the confirmation e-mail and will be reminded to you in the mail we’ll send you a few days before the class. It will be asked to you the day of the class, please make sure to have the amount ready.

Can I pay all the class at reservation ?

Yes, you can pay the whole class at reservation if your prefer, but it is not necessary to validate the booking.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you can use credit card through Paypal, account to pay at booking. On the other hand, please understand that payment the day of the class will have to be done in cash as we don’t have specific credit cart terminal at home. The amount is mentioned in the confirmation e-mail and will be reminded to you in the mail we’ll send you a few days before class.

Do you accept foreign currency ?

No, we ask you to pay directly in euros. If it is problematic to you please contact us directly by e-mail at

Do you charge extra cost at reservation?

No we don’t charge any extra cost at reservation. We only ask you to pay part of the class fee to validate your reservation (date and number of participant) and you will only have to pay the rest the day of the class.

Do you accept checks ?

Yes, we do accept checks in Euros only. Please note that your registration will be confirmed only once we received and collected the check in the bank.

Booking & canceling

How do I make a reservation ?

To make a reservation you can book directly on the website by simply choosing the date and/or the class you’re interested in and follow the booking steps until confirmation. If you don’t find an appropriate class to your wish or if you simply prefer to contact us you can do so by phone or by e-mail in the contact section of our website.

When should I reserve?

The general booking deadline is minimum a week in advance. Of course, the earlier you will book, the more opportunity of classes and dates you will find. Nevertheless, if you are a last minute organizer you can always contact us and we’ll do our best to manage a solution if possible.

Can I book for several person ?

Yes you can book for as much person as the class allows. You will only have to give every participant name and e-mail address.

Can I book a class “Market & Cooking” without a tour if I have only a couple of hours free?

Yes, you’re welcome to come and join only for the cooking class and meal (three hours). Please specify when booking.

Can I change the day of the class ?

You’re welcome to request a change that suits you better at least 21 days in advance before the class. We will do our best to satisfy you.

Until when can I cancel the class without any cost ?

If you cancel your registration minimum 1 month in advance, the payment we asked you at registration will be refund to you. After this deadline the registration fees will be kept.

What if I cancel on the day of the class ?

Our classes are in very small groups and we refuse bookings beyond 6 participants. So, if you cancel on the day of the class, we cannot find a replacement therefore 100% of the fee will be requested.