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Singapore is the busiest port in the world, in a strategic location, and is also a most busy city, a unique mosaic society.
Wherever you go in Singapore you’ll see its name associated with the word “unique”: Uniquely Singapore describes perfectly well Singapore’s identity. Singapore is a rich contrast of old and new, of flavors from the cultures that build it: China, Malaysia, India, and of course, the Peranakan culture (Pernakan means “locally born”).  Singapore’s cuisine reflects this unique cultural diversity.


Enter the tasty world
of Singapore cuisine!
Simple and delicious! This is what we’ll bring to your plates in our September cooking class with recipes that blend all of Singapore cultures in one: Chili crab, fried buns, fried fish, vegetables in garlic sauce .... Join us and sicover what's so unique about Singapore!
Selamat Makan! (enjoy your meal!)

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  Denise's Quick one Pan meal ... Austrian "Quickie"

Type de plat
  main course
Temps de préparation
  10 min
Temps de cuisson
  20 min
  1 large onion
1 green pepper
1 tomato
3 potatoes
2 sausages ( I like the hot ones from Hungary)
2 eggs
fresh chives
Extra virgin olive oil
pat of butter
salt and pepper
pickles for garnish


Denise has a food blog which I recommend. It's called "Adventures of Wine Food Pairing":

I learned this from watching my Austrian husband throw things in a skillet and come up with great quick meals!

Chop everything up in easy to eat bite size .....

I start with the fattier sausage in the saute pan, then add the onions and pepper to "sweat down" .... toss in the potatoes to soften up and absorb all the delicious onion, sausage, pepper flavor ... Salt and pepper to taste ...

I usually drizzle in some EVOO about this time to make sure that nothing sticks to the bottom.

Just when the potatoes are starting to soften I add the tomatoes ... I want to add flavor and color, but not to lose their texture

In a seperate pan, fry 2 eggs sunny side up with a pat of butter

When potatoes are soft dinner is ready!

Serve on a large platter ... place eggs "up" on the one pan meal ... garnish with chopped fresh chives .....

Pickles ... we like gerkins .... sliced and arranged.

That's It ... ENJOY!

PS. there are usually leftovers and they get even better when they sit in the fridge and make a "killer" side dish for breakfast ... lol!
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Des anecdotes sur a la nourriture

Tout cela est très personnel, je mets ici au fil de l'eau ce qui me vient en premier.

CARACU parce que j'adore l'os à moelle d'une part et j'adore le nom d'autre part... j'en mange toujours en pensant a maman!
TORREJAS parce que maman en faisait tout le temps avec le reste du riz ou bien des épinards... et du coup je le fais aussi, bien que ce ne soit pas particulièrement léger ni digeste.... et surtout je passe mon temps a oublier le nom et a chercher durant des mois ce mot a nouveau!!!!!!
GNOCCHIS... parce que Stella les fait en 15 secondes top chrono pour une table de 20 personnes. "Es tan facil!"... according to her!
ARROZ CON LECHE... me quiero casar... impossible de commencer sans chanter cette comptine infantile...
SORBET A LA GOYAVE: fruit fabuleux et sorbet fait par maman en Egypte... quand j'y pense, toute l'Egypte revient à moi! Et pourtant, je ne peux qu'y penser... car j'ai essayé de reconstituer ce goût et il n'y a rien à faire... je ne le retrouve pas... alors je le garde dans mes souvenirs!
CAMEMBERT - SAUCISSON: spécialité de mon père qu'il fallait lui ramener pour le rendre heureux quand on habitait en Egypte!

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Every month I´ll share with you one of my recipes.

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This month Veronique, born of an Argentinean mother and a French father, tells us about things that remind her of her parent's roots as much as her childhood in Egypt.

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