"Let's have fun creating delicious and colorful baby choux."

Learn how to create the typical French éclair and let your creativity loose to fill them with tasty “crème pâtissière”.

During 2hours and a half you will learn hands on how to bake cream puffs and éclairs. Step by step you will discover the tricks to make your puff pastries grow perfectly and how to flavor them.
From the simple but delicious chouquettes to the more expert and gourmet éclairs, Perrine will guide you with all her attention. She will also teach you to bake 3 very tasty "crème pâtissière" feeling according to your preference (chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel, hazel...)
After this fun baking session you will savor together your realizations around a nicely dressed table.

As sweet has always a little taste of not enough, you will leave with some of your pastries to extend this pleasure a little longer during your stay in Paris.

November 2021
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10:30 am: Fashion Choux Atelier

10:30 am: Fashion Choux Atelier
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