"Get off the beaten track to visit Paris
and put yourself in real Parisian’s shoes to discover a typical local market..."

Learn how to cook a 3 courses meal with the fresh and flavorsome ingredients you picked at the market.

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to stroll about a Parisian local market with Perrine and learn to select the freshest products.
In this class you will elaborate together the three courses meal menu you’d like to cook depending on your taste and the season.
You will then shop all the necessary ingredients at the market. Perrine will welcome you home to transform and sublimate the ingredients.
Hands-on during all the cooking part you’ll realize how easily you can succeed in putting together a delicious meal.
In the end you will take time to appreciate your work with a nice glass of wine around a delightfully dressed table, and enjoy sharing cooking tricks and French culture together.

December 2021
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10:00 am: Just like a Parisian

10:00 am: Just like a Parisian
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10:00 am: Just Like a Parisian

10:00 am: Just Like a Parisian
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